Sunday, April 05, 2009

We are coming home to Sg

We= Kirsten and Me

This is scary and took a week... We are coming back to Sg as per Jun 7 because I am starting a new job on jun 8 in sg. I dont have much more details but sander will stay behind while we go to sg first and hopefully he can join us in some months soon.

A lot of uncertainties ahead but am still very thankful.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Why am I blogging ? Cos Kirsten is sleeping now... only 7pm :) and I am waiting for my food to cook. Thank god that he always has his way of making things happen to help us thru some what scary desperate times, giving more courage to face new challenges.

After 5.5 months of rest from work, I did not have the luxury of easing back into action but was swirled right into all the madness and quick pace of life. We dont even have time to plan properly and things just happen one after another. I need to send kirsten off and get to work before 8.30am and leaving a bout 4.45pm to pick her up. I really need to be effective in every min in the office. Then Sander started his travelling last week for a day and the entire of this week. Like all other times I am so so scared each time I am gonna be alone with kirsten but each time she will be extra cooperative and sweet making things easy for me. Today is no exception and therefore I know that i really need to leave it to God's hand and I will be able to survive this wk too!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Story of a (temporary) housewife.....

Our (not entirely) home made 3 course Christmas dinner.
Why? Because we are cheapskate to pay for festive restaurant price and we dont wanna risk having a crying baby affecting others.

1. Appetiser - Salmon platter (only the christmas tree is home made... hahah)

2. Main - Rabbit!!! hahaha

3. Brownie with ice cream...

Varkenburg - Christmas markt - 17th dec

Wet but fun day .... nothing much, just shop around... hahaha most things come from China n it feels as if we are back to those chinese market except the prices are in Euros

This is the supposingly singing christmas tree... see the candles on the tree, the move n sing ..... aiyo just a weak effort by the little village to earn some tourist money

A Nativity scene at Christmas mass

In an attempt to be more active in the catholic church, we gladly let Kirsten serve when invited to be baby Jesus. And eventually we even volunteered to be the Holy Family in the little procession of the nativity scene. I am really glad that through Kirsten, God has opened up a channel for us to be more involved in the church. And even better, Sander (who initially is not very positive about this catholic church) is happily involve and reading the lines in Church. Haha I had to do the least but am seriously glad for this. Don't really know how to describe it but Thank God again for leading our way and doing His work.
Am looking forward to making arrangement next year for Kirsten's baptism when her godfather will come visit us in Belgium

Happiest giggling from Kirsten so far... on this very Xmas eve

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greetings from den Hollander

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I am back...

... in my pre-Kirsten pants!!! Haha although not all but am still glad. 3 Months!!! Well no more reason for shopping for new wardrobe when getting back to work. Actually I dont even wanna shop cos of this whole economics crisis thingie. For all we know, we both can be out of job tommorrow.

A sad thing to mention today is I lost my happy baby to vaccin #2. Ever since last thur, Kirsten has been grouchy n stingy with her goodmood. We are back to the days that I need to carry her almost the entire day n thus resulting in me sitting behind the computer, typing with one hand n carrying her in the other. She has been sleeping a lot n in panic mood a lot.... urghhhh v draining!

heehee the thought of next month is keeping me alive :)

Monday, December 01, 2008


ah... finally I can say this, it is just next month that I will be going home. I am still not so sure about how's life in Singapore with my lil one but I am very certain that I wanna go home!!!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good mood yakking

Winter wonderland ?? Only if you stay indoor

As the temperature is getting colder, the clothes / jackets are becoming thicker too. So so, folks in Sg, pls dont complain about how expensive your baby's clothings are... think about my gal's wardrobe cost !! Haha but i am enjoying the process of dressing her up too hahahahah.... So this photo is from last week when temperature was above 0. Doesnt she looks like a little teddy bear?? It is like a dream from my childhood that my teddy bear grows with me... so now i am growing a little stuff toy
Heehee this little cuddly overall is compliments from my SIL. It made its debut this weekend as the snows fall. Yesterday afternoon, when we saw that the sun was shining, we immediately dress her for a walk. But only 5 mins outside and the snow came so it was a very short walk.

As more snow fell today, it starts to accumulate and so instead of dwelling on the cold, I went out to play hahaha.... not far, just on my balcony. Yoohooo My ski jacket is again proving its worth!

View from our window after we play on the balcony :)
Hmm... suddenly thinking about our Harbin trip last yr... will post some photos if i can find it